How to clean the application surface

Use the two alcohol pads to clean along the top edges of the trash can ledge. Make sure that the surface is absolutely clean so that the adhesive will stick properly to the surface of the trash can. 

How To Peel Off Gasket Backing
Using your fingernail, catch the backing of the double sided tape and release it from the adhesive attached to the gasket. 

Where To Apply Gasket On Trashcan
Stick the gasket either straight down on the flat part of the trash can container if possible so that the lid will sit on top of the gasket. If for some reason that is not possible, apply the gasket along the vertical edges of the trash can container. Please keep in mind that the adhesive will be only tacky for the first few hours. After the third day, the adhesive should be at 70% cured state and by the seventh day, the adhesive will be fully cured. 

Cut The Extra Material
The material may be cut using a variety of tools such as regular household scissors. Ensure that the edges line up as closely as possible.

What To Do If You Have Further Questions
Use our contact form and send us your questions. We will be happy to walk you through the install process. 

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