Frequently Asked Questions about Mr. Trash Gasket

Q. My lid doesn't close fully after I installed the gasket. How do I fix this? 

A.  Since the gasket is brand new it needs time to settle. Place an object on top of the lid for about an hour. Now remove the object and the lid should be settled. 

Q. What temperatures is the adhesive good for? 

A.  The 3M adhesive requires 72 hours for a full cure and is rated to perform best between -20°F to +158°F.

Q. Will it prevent easy opening and closing of my trash can lid? 

A.  The lid sits on top of the gasket so the gasket isn't sealing the trash can shut, rather, it's acting as a rubber pillow for the lid to rest on top of.

Q. What if I have to remove the gasket for whatever reason? 

A. The adhesive is super strong but not permanent. If for whatever reason you need to remove the material it should come off with a little elbow grease. 

Q. What's so special about this weather stripping? 

A. It's not weather stripping material. We tried using weather stripping material before with miserable results. Regular weather stripping material doesn't form to the trash can to effectively seal the container. Usually, it's made from either hard rubber which doesn't form to create a tight seal or from a cheap foam material that rips apart easily and promotes mold growth. Additionally, the weather stripping materials usually come with a very substandard type of adhesive material. Mr. Trash Gasket uses a super strong 3M formulated adhesive that is specifically made to withstand massive abuse and heat. Our rubber gasket is rated to last up to 10 years of regular usage. 

Q. What should I do if there is a plastic rib in the way of the gasket during application? 

A.  It's best to cut a slit in the gasket so that the gasket sits flat on the container surface. Failure to do so will cause the gasket to not fit properly and not seal the trash can as effectively. 

Q. What should I do if the gasket gets dirty? 

A.  Simply use a damp rag or paper towel to wipe off the affected areas. You will not harm the gasket as it's made out of rubber material.

Q. Is there anything that will harm the gasket? 

A.  Yes, please keep it away from oil, gasoline, hydrocarbon solvents, fire or any other item that might burn it

Q. How hard is it to install? 

A.  A child should be able to perform the task within 5 minutes.

Q. Are alcohol wipes included in the package? 

A.  Yes, you will receive two alcohol wipes per package.

Q. Are cutting tools included in the package? 

A.  No, you can cut the material very easily using regular household scissors or a razor. 

Q. Will Mr. Trash Gasket eliminate the odor? 

A.  No, it will only seal the edges of the trash can container to prevent odors from escaping.

Q. How long will the product last? 

A.  Mr. Trash Gasket should last many years. The rubber is rated for a 10-year life and the adhesive will also stay on for 10-years with regular use. Of course, circumstances may vary depending on many variables. I would comfortably say that you shouldn't have to replace it for at least 2-3 years with regular use. 

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