Have trash odors or stinky garage? Smelly trash is a problem for everyone. 

Don't mask it, gasket, with Mr. Trash Gasket.

Mr. Trash Gasket is the only product on the market that is made specifically to block odors from your trash can. Block up to 99% of odors escaping from your waste management trash can.  Block the odors from stinking up your garage and seeping into your home and car.

Made of high-quality EPDM rubber and super strong 3M adhesive double sided bonding agent. It's rip-proof, waterproof, extremely flexible, and engineered to take repeated abuse.

Risk Free

Mr. Trash Gasket comes with a 60-day money back guarantee! If for whatever reason our product doesn't work as described, return it for a full refund. Some limitations may apply. Read our terms and conditions for details.

Bob from Arizona writes:
"Before I used Mr. Trash Gasket I hated going into my garage. I couldn't do my shop projects and my car was always stunk. The odors from the trash cans would also leak into my house since the garage is attached. Thanks to Mr. Trash Gasket, I've completely blocked the odor. I now feel comfortable working in my garage and my car's interior and home no longer smells. The best part about it is that my wife and kids no longer complain about the garage smell or odors going into the house. I highly recommend this product." 


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Mr. Trash Gasket 96-Gallon Size (Most Common Size for Families)

  • $21.59

  • Ex Tax: $19.99